Sales Agent

Have you been debating about selling your horse for a while? You cannot bring yourself to do so all by yourself, though?

There are many reasons for settling for the decision to sell.
In most cases, humans and horses just do not find each other and click, even after trying for years.
Frequently, personal or professional reasons may force you to make that unfortunate decision.
Separating yourself from your horse will always be a nerve wracking experience, regardless of considering either the temporal or the emotional aspect.

Let us advise you!
We focus mainly on the sale of quality baroque horses & special breeds for leisure riding as well as prospects for competitions. However, we will nevertheless be happy to take over the marketing of any other kind of horse breed.
Providing high-quality photos and an honest description of your horse is of greatest importance for us – because:

There is no second chance to make a first impression!!!

We will provide you with a real value assessment and will handle the marketing on a regional, national or even international level, utilizing various platforms and channels for the advertising of your horse. Also we will respond to any inquiries.
Furthermore we will preselect the large number of inquiries, filtering out only those harmonizing with your horse and your conditions.

Please choose one of the following service options for the sale of your horse:

1. We can personally visit you and your horse on site and bring a professional photographer (85414 + 100 km) in order to assess and present your horse as perfect as possible.
For this option we have a rate of € 89 for the ads, travel costs depending on mileage, photography € 120 and in case of successful sale, an agency-commission of 10% of the actual selling price.

2. You provide us with appropriate photos, that we can use for your horses sale ad.
In this case the only cost emerging is the 89 € fee for the ads and a commission of 10% of the actual selling price.

3. Since we have enough space at our sale barn, accommodation and training for your horse is available on site until sold.
We are offering various any types of keeping for your horse, also upbringing for colts is available.
The following costs may apply here: monthly
fees for stall, plus any extra expenses your horse, plus training depending on effort necessary, 89 € fee for the ads, plus 10% sales commission.

4. We may buy your horse directly.
There are no additional costs involved for you.

Finding the perfect forever home for your horse is our top priority.


In case you are still searching for your personal dream horse:
Thanks to our great worldwide network and our numerous contacts, we would love to assist you in your search for YOUR ONCE IN A LIFETIME SPECIAL HORSE.

For more information please call:
Lisa Gosch +49 (0) 0151 – 152 273 20 or email us at