Quality baroque horses and special breeds for leisure riding and competitions.

We have dedicated our lives to horses for more than 35 years now, for the last 15 years our hearts belong exclusively to the horses coming from the Iberian peninsula, though. They bear a fascination that will forever hold us.

Once a Spaniard – always a Spaniard!

It is our top priority to keep, feed and train our horses in an appropriate manner. We feel it is our responsibility to find suitable human matches for our equine treasures. Unfortunately, this is somehow tough to realize these days, nevertheless, we still do our best, always opting pro horse and focusing on sustainability.
The sections following aim to point out our uniqueness when compared to fellow sale barns.


Our horses live in a herd at the beautiful “Ampertal” in southern bavaria. They are on pasture year-round so they can enjoy the social contact in-between a mixed herd an unfold their selves.

Is a loose barn is questionable for horses for sale?
We must answer with a clear and strict NO.
Contrariwise: Who is moving a lot will stay healthy for sure.


We feed the particular horses with muesli from LEXA, but also hey and straw abundantly. Green grass can’t be absent on the menu. Of course our pastures are available year-round for our horses.

Since many years we feed Lexa and also products from the Atcoms Line. All our products have been tested from ourself and we are always surprised positively again. It´s fascinating how healthy happy and beautiful our horses are and get with the time.


That our horses get injected, dewormed and also see the farrier frequently, is a matter of course for us. Also a horse for sale has the right to get an appointment with the horse dentist or an Osteopath. Only a healthy and pain free horse can unfold and evolve itself and will show efforts.

We don’t avoid any costs or troubles. You may ask other horse seller for all the different arrangements they take for their horses. You will be astonished about what you will get as an answer.


We import all of our ridden horses, foals and breed mares from spain by ourselves. Directly from the breeder.

We always take care about a short transportation and also give the new horses enough time for regeneration, before we offer them for sale. Also this luxury is not for sure for other horses for sale. Our foals are allowed to stay with their mommy till the 6th month. Thats the only way to guarantee a regular and healthy movement.

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